2015 Holiday Season Fishing Tigers "WALLEYE HAND-OFF"

WHO:       Shut-ins and Elderly

WHERE:  Mobridge community

WHAT:    Walleye Fillet Hand-Off - taking orders - call evenings 845-5290

                 The Mobridge Pollock Fishing Tigers like to fish.  They like to eat
                 walleye as well.  But they also realize that others would appreciate
                 a nice walleye supper during this Holiday Season.  To help spread
                 some cheer, they are taking reservations and will be delivering
                 walleye fillets directly to the front door of shut-ins and elderly who
                 call and reserve a meal.  We'll deliver until the fillets are gone.  First
                 come-first served.

WHEN:    Delivery dates will be Jan 4, 2015

WHY?:    There is no better time to share than around the Holidays. 
                We're hoping others enjoy fish as much as we do.