Fishing 101

Fishing 101:  Fishing for a Hobby

The Webster Fishing 101 class:  date and location to be determined

If you've ever wanted to learn how to fish, here's your chance. We are offering you the following:
* all the equipment you'll need to get started shore fishing
* basic shore fishing techniques - live bait and casting
* knot tying instructions
* fish identification and fish cleaning
* locations of some area shore fishing places

Here's what we need from you:
* fill out the application sheet for your location
* a commitment from the adults to continue to take their kids fishing
* attend the fishing classes on the scheduled day

It's as easy as that.  We simply ask the kids to start fishing and we ask the parents to fish with their kids. If there is a catch, here it is - parents must attend the classes with their kids.  We want to hook the parents on fishing as well as the kids. We've found that if the parents aren't at the classes, they are far less likely to go fishing after the class.

Click below to see slideshows of past years.
2009  (coincided with GF&P kids' fishing tournament)
2010 Mobridge
2011 Mobridge
2012 Mobridge
2013 Timber Lake (fishing portion of the class got rained out)
2013 Mobridge (fishing was rained out so we rescheduled and only one family showed up - but the fishing was good)